Laadam - Movie Review

Laadam(horse shoe) this title really apt for this film, this two and half hour movie about how an innocent boy trapped under two big dons in Chennai . Both of them wait for their enemy’s down and death respectively, then the story starts to gear up when the hero enter into the scene and get options to choose, whether kill don Vembuli’s son or die, the hero have deadline till Day 16th.On day 17th he will be killed by don named Pavadai if he failed to complete the assignment. Whatever the choice, he will be killed by one of the don group on Day 17th.Director Prabhu Solomon used Lucky Number Slevin’s story line which almost same with this “Laadam”.

So why the title is “Laadam”…?

Both of the don and its groups give physical and mental torture to this guy till he can’t find any way to escape and protect his life. I’m sure that this is the first time a director let his hero being bullied and ragged by two group of rowdies till he can’t find any way to fight back or escape. It’s kinda trapped in door’s hinge, the hero was helpless.

Music director Dharan's tunes listenable and the songs are already topped the charts "Siruthodathilile" melodious number, “Makkeh” sung by Emcee Jesz and “Gangster” sung by Dr.Burn & Emcee Jesz. Personally I feel “Makkeh” is totally a crap number in this film because Emcee Jesz’ voice is totally worst and can’t hear it at all,The “Gangster” actually a clear sample of “Vali Theduthu” from their very own album “Vallavan”.In this track Dr.Burn condemned and insult Chakra Sonic which absolutely not a good thing, you will find Dr.Burn have used some harsh word in this songs like murdering, revenge and rowdism. This absolutely not expected from the Malaysian rappers. Anyhow the tunes are catchy if you forget about the crap lyrics and voices.

Kudos to Prabu Solomon for choose the petite and innocent look hero which really apt for the film.Debut hero Aravindhan give an excellent performance even he new to screen.This totally different because normally new face will do film which deal light handed story like love and so on.It's really rare to see new faces to do film with challenging performance,story and theme like "Laadam" itself.Anyhow director should concentrate on Charmi's characterization & City Babu's comedy track which irritate in certain scenes.Anyhow "Laadam" is a movie with raw gangsterism and violence.


-Action,violence,fast pace lover and not for the faint hearted.

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