Steve Jobs Received Liver Transplant

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs underwent a liver transplant operation about two months ago and is expected to return to work by the end of June, The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.

Jobs, a pancreatic cancer survivor seen as the driving force behind development of the iPod, iPhone and other category-defining products from Apple's famed innovation machine, went on medical leave in January for an undisclosed condition. A spokesman for Apple Inc would not confirm the Journal report but said, "Steve continues to look forward to returning to Apple at the end of June and there is nothing further to say." While investors may react negatively to the news on Monday, when stock markets re-open, analysts say Wall Street is broadly prepared for Jobs' shift to a role that sees him focusing on big pictures ideas and products at Apple.

Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook has been managing the company on a day-to-day basis in Jobs' absence, and is expected to continue to do so if Jobs does not return to the role full-time, analysts say. The Journal, citing an unnamed source, said the 54-year-old Jobs may return to work part-time at first, with Cook taking on "a more encompassing role." "The situation seems a lot more complex than it originally appeared," said Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar. "Investors tend to react negatively to uncertainty, especially when it concerns an individual who's had a larger-than-life impact." Others said investors were aware of the risk surrounding Jobs and that it had been factored into Apple's share price. The technology firm's stock fell after Jobs went on medical leave but is up around 60 percent this year, thanks to continued strong sales and new products, including the latest iPhone 3GS, which debuted on Friday.

Erick Maronak, chief investment officer for the Victory Large Cap Growth Fund, which owns Apple shares, said investors are less concerned than in the past because other executives had stepped to the forefront in Jobs' absence. "I think people are beginning to focus on core operations ... I don't think he's as important in terms of near-term volatility," Maronak said.

Apple has been dogged for months by rumors about Jobs' health. In 2004, he was treated for a rare type of pancreatic cancer called an islet-cell, or neuroendocrine, tumor. These tumors usually grow slowly and are far less deadly than other types of pancreatic tumors. Jobs' gaunt appearance at an Apple event in the summer of 2008 touched off speculation about his health, which was fueled by the crush of Apple blogs and fans that follow his every move.

In January, Jobs said his weight loss was due to a hormone imbalance and he would continue as CEO while being treated. Nine days later, he announced his medical leave, saying his health issues were "more complex" than previously thought. Like many cancers, pancreatic cancer often spreads to the liver, compromising the vital organ's functioning, but it is not clear if Jobs may have received a transplant for that reason. Some shareholders in the past have complained about Apple's lack of disclosure about Jobs' health. At the same time, legal experts say there is usually no responsibility on a company's part to disclose a CEO's health status, and it is up to boards to decide how much to reveal to shareholders and the public. "Investors knew it was serious... uncertainty about his health has been in the marketplace and has been affecting the stock for two years," said Patrick Coughlin, a trial lawyer at Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman Robbins in San Diego. "Should they have been more candid? Probably, because he's so high-profile. I don't think they are in trouble from a shareholder-loss case standpoint."

The Journal said Jobs had the liver transplant in Tennessee and that at least some Apple directors were aware of the surgery. Representatives for Methodist University Hospital in Memphis and Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville said they did not perform the procedure on Jobs.

P/S:Hope he will get soon.

Vettaikaran Xclusive Photos

I'm not sure whether this song is a opening song of Vijay in "Vettaikaran" but one thing this song completely suit for the film..Maybe it's a leak version...?Whatever enjoy this photos & song as well.

Photo source:Chennai365

Gravity v1.00 -New Twitter Client for Symbian S60 Phones

Good news for Nokia Symbian S60 3rd and s60 5th edition users, now twittering is possible with your Nokia phone without any hassles, it’s just easy as pie. Remember,mobile twittering is no more restricted for expensive and infamous mobiles like Apple iPhone, Blackberry or PDAs. Gravity v1.00 is the twitter client built for latest Symbian S60 phones with S60 3rd & 5th edition, all you have to do is head to Mobileways' website: and download the demo version which is just 274 KB in size. It can also be easily downloaded from the built-in browser of your S60 phone over GPRS. The demo is a full-fledged application with all the features of the full version and lasts for up to 10 days following which you have to purchase the full version if you intend to use it further. Trust me if you a twitter fanatic you can purchase the full version without any doubt because this app totally bug free and flexible to use. After that just copy the file to your S60 phone if you downloaded it on your PC and install it like any other application.

Slick user interface,twitter search integration and frequently updated with new features is the plus point and the minus point is users have limited customization and options to choose on and don't support the old Symbian based phone.

Anyhow Gravity v1.00 is user friendly and free from bug,painless features,high memory consumption and irritating API limits.Try it on your own...!!!

Laadam - Movie Review

Laadam(horse shoe) this title really apt for this film, this two and half hour movie about how an innocent boy trapped under two big dons in Chennai . Both of them wait for their enemy’s down and death respectively, then the story starts to gear up when the hero enter into the scene and get options to choose, whether kill don Vembuli’s son or die, the hero have deadline till Day 16th.On day 17th he will be killed by don named Pavadai if he failed to complete the assignment. Whatever the choice, he will be killed by one of the don group on Day 17th.Director Prabhu Solomon used Lucky Number Slevin’s story line which almost same with this “Laadam”.

So why the title is “Laadam”…?

Both of the don and its groups give physical and mental torture to this guy till he can’t find any way to escape and protect his life. I’m sure that this is the first time a director let his hero being bullied and ragged by two group of rowdies till he can’t find any way to fight back or escape. It’s kinda trapped in door’s hinge, the hero was helpless.

Music director Dharan's tunes listenable and the songs are already topped the charts "Siruthodathilile" melodious number, “Makkeh” sung by Emcee Jesz and “Gangster” sung by Dr.Burn & Emcee Jesz. Personally I feel “Makkeh” is totally a crap number in this film because Emcee Jesz’ voice is totally worst and can’t hear it at all,The “Gangster” actually a clear sample of “Vali Theduthu” from their very own album “Vallavan”.In this track Dr.Burn condemned and insult Chakra Sonic which absolutely not a good thing, you will find Dr.Burn have used some harsh word in this songs like murdering, revenge and rowdism. This absolutely not expected from the Malaysian rappers. Anyhow the tunes are catchy if you forget about the crap lyrics and voices.

Kudos to Prabu Solomon for choose the petite and innocent look hero which really apt for the film.Debut hero Aravindhan give an excellent performance even he new to screen.This totally different because normally new face will do film which deal light handed story like love and so on.It's really rare to see new faces to do film with challenging performance,story and theme like "Laadam" itself.Anyhow director should concentrate on Charmi's characterization & City Babu's comedy track which irritate in certain scenes.Anyhow "Laadam" is a movie with raw gangsterism and violence.


-Action,violence,fast pace lover and not for the faint hearted.

"Aadhavan" Latest Buzz

2009 is a good year for Surya; he has two big projects with big banners back to back. “Ayan” produced by AVM Productions & directed by K.V.Ananth. “Aadhavan” produced by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Dr. “Kalaignar” Mu.Karunathi’s grandson Udhayanithi Stalin who earlier produced mass commercial hit “Kuruvi”. Harris Jayaraj is the music composer for the both movies. When talk about “Aadhavan”, it’s very first time Surya and director K.S.Ravikumar joined hand and this is very first time too K.S.Ravikumar formed a very rare combination with Harris Jayaraj.K.S.Ravikumar films always deals subjects like family drama,sentiments,comedy & usual masala.This film also has the same thing which you normally can expect from Surya & Ravikumar's films. So what’s NEW about “Aadhavan” is Surya will do dual role but not like his earlier ventures like “Perazhagan”, “Vel”, "Vaaranam Aayiram". Surya will be portrayed in an anti-hero character.Quite interesting….Let’s see how far Surya will go to shift his romantic look to a baddie guy.

"Ayan" Photo Gallery

Attention to Surya's fans especially for those Indian girls out there who craze enough on Surya.Here it is sneak peak photos from movie "Ayan" which is current project of Surya after box-office hit "Vaaranam Aayiram".This film been shot in exotic areas with special permission.This is 4th time Harris - Surya joined hand and the songs already been aired on radios.AVM Productions "Ayan" put big expectation to Surya fans and cinema lovers.The reason is Surya-Harris combination really works out well in cinema."Ayan probably will be hit cinemas in 14th April.Wipe your drool GIRLS while enjoy the photos..Cliche.

Friendbar Makes Twitter and Facebook Updates Easy in Firefox

Friendbar is an add-on for Firefox that makes the updates easier for twitter & facebook, it also show your buddy’s photos and status without any hassles. What makes the thing interesting is Friendbar continuously updates you on the status of people in your Facebook and Twitter networks. In simplest form, it will allow you to know your followers and friends tweet plus status as well. You can toggle between photos and text seamlessly. See how the thing makes life easier huh… To avoid anonymous access to your twitter & facebook there is a simple settings and tweak to avoid the circumstances. You don’t have to worry about your privacy. You will see instant Tinyurl creation for the pages you’re looking at every time posting updates. Friendbar is easy and fast in fix social data.

Friendbar is free & works in Firefox(Windows/Mac/Linux) as easy as pie….Try it on your own to see its power.

Download here

Secret Agent Rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth is a well known figure around the globe, he gets a lot of attention whenever moves officially or unofficially. Currently Superstar busy with Director Shankar’s talk of the town film “Endhiran”. It receives a lot of attention from his fans and cine people .One reason Shankar and Rajinikanth joined hand after the huge success of “Sivaji the Boss” and don’t forget “Endhiran” (earlier known as “Robo”) is Shankar’s dream project too. In the meantime, Ocher Studio and Warner Bros at the final stage of filming India’s first 3D animation film “Sultan the Warrior”.

Well, I want to share with you all a short comic strip titled “Ragasiya Agent Rajini” (“Secret Agent Rajini”).This comic strip currently available in Tamil only and just contain 6 pages,short yet enjoyable.For those who not good in Tamil,you have to wait for the English version maybe it's worth.

click on the picture to enlarge view...

Endhiran On Location Photos

Director Shankar & Superstar Rajinkanth joined hand after huge success of "Sivaji The Boss"..Now it's time for Shankar to handle this Rs.140 crore worth project.Sun Pictures acquired the production & distribution rights of "Endhiran" after Ayngaran International & Eros Entertainment step out from the project after they face some financial crisis.It's been long time dream for Superstar to act with Aishwarya Rai,finally his desire fulfilled in this film.

This film probably would be released on mid year of 2010.Let's see how "Endhiran" would be shaped out.Till then enjoy the photos....

click on the picture to enlarge view

Leaked Images & Details of Nokia E 75

Nokia never forget to target business users by launch Nokia E-series phones which bundled with office tools and QWERTY keypads. This time Nokia will expand again their E-series list with new entry of Nokia E75, but wait a minute the phone not launch yet but I have the sneak –peak and leaked image of the phone. Let’s explore it.

-2.8-inch QVGA TFT LCD
-Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 (FP2) OS
-Slide out QWERTY Keypad
-3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE/GPRS & Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity
-3.2 Megapixel Camera
-USB 2.0
-MicroSD card support up to 4GB

The Dark side of New Year Celebration

We have been celebrating New Year just few days ago, a lot parties, events, and shows was held to delight the Year 2009.In the meantime, there also some reckless people misuse the celebration for some immoral activities and negative intends. I’m not going to point out anybody, its actual thing that happen in the late night of December 31st .Drink alcohol excessively, having sexual activities, public nuisance, break the rules, create sound pollution and disrespect the police who trying to control the environment. What make me shocked were our Indian girls also joined the group and “contribute” their part to "spice" up the situation. Who said Indian girls are not improved…???I’m not confined only the teen girls but the oldies too, uncle and aunty at age range between 30 to 42 also involved in this nuisance. Are you going to say “Just one day lah”, “Rileklah bro” or “New Year celebration means like this”, no point to celebrate New Year by shout at the road side and disturbing others, the girls especially wear skimpy dress, drink alcohols and hug with their partner is this our culture…? This people might be saying “trend, style or whatever” but everything has a limit.

Malaysian people especially our Indian people don’t lose your dignity…Think yourself and others…!!!