Nero back with Great Deal...!!!

Nero 9 is the latest version media suite from the Nero franchise and now Blu ray burning is possible with Nero 9, that’s great enough. Actually, Blu Ray burning drive is required to burn Blu Ray discs. The retailed box included with Nero Backup 4 as a part of installer. A separate license key is attached with the box for install this application. The installation could take approximately half an hour. In fact, a full installation of Nero 9 may take up 2GB of hard disk; depend on the mode you select. Let say if you select “Custom” mode installation, it would allow you to make choice. It means you could install needed and important components rather than install the full package.

Nero 9 is the first burning tool that let you to burn your own Blu Ray videos with exactly HD capability. Sure this would be new and great experiences for those who mingle with normal home video DVDs. Nero 9 can do more than burning; there are individual tools for creating CD covers, authoring DVDs etc. It is also comes with full featured applications for media creation. These include a multi tracker called SoundTrax3, which let you create music and soundtracks in up to 7.1 audio in a multi tracker. Nero 9 currently available for RM380 in Malaysia.

If all you need is a basic burning tool for CD/DVDs, there are cheaper even freeware applications alternatives out there. Nero 9 offers a full featured home media creation powerhouse for those who work with a lot of audio and video at home. From that perspective, Nero 9 turns out to be a cost effective solution for home authors who cannot or don’t want to deal with dedicated media solutions which put them into dilemma.Whatever, I would say “Nero back with GREAT DEAL”,this time.

Nokia N85

A lot of people said N85 is a best replacement to the N96, which was recently launched by Nokia with astonishing features. N96 actually an upgraded version of N95.Well when talk about N85, it’s sporting the same form factor as N96, the dual slider with keypad and dedicated music buttons for playing medias and games as well. Built in accelerometer will turns the screen into landscape mode when slide the phone down. The Carl Zeiss, 5.0 megapixel camera integrated at the back of the device with LED flash, this time the lens is protected with lens cover from dust and smudge. However the N85 still uses LED flash instead of Xenon flash like the N82, but it’s not a big deal. N85 is running on Symbian S60, it means users can expect to install variety of applications to it. Nokia N85 currently available at all authorised resellers, for retailed price RM2, 550.Last but not least, I would like to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. Let’s wish N85 would be your Christmas gift of the year.

Tamil Tigers Kill 120 Sri Lankan Army and seizes arms

Tamil Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) official authorities told Tamil Net correspondent in Vaani Thursday that the two prolonged SLA offensive on Ki’linochchi was pushed back Wednesday after struggles with arms in Puthumu’rippu in the west of Ki’linochchi and A’riviyal Nakar in the south.The final death toll of the SLA in both fronts, according to the LTTE claim, 120 soldiers killed in action and more than 280 wounded. Photographs given by the LTTE officials show that there were some young recruits of the SLA among the dead. Meanwhile, SLA which admitted heavy fighting has put the casualties at 20 SLA and 27 LTTE combatants as killed in the
latest fighting.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam which also known as “Viduthalai Puli” in Tamil.Commonly known as Tamil Tigers, is a militant Tamil nationalist organization that has waged a armed struggles against the Sri Lankan govt. since 1970 in order to create sovereign socialist Tamil State in the north and the east of Sri Lanka,It is headed by its founder Vellupillai Prabhakaran . At last, the Tamil Tiger fighters kill 120 Sri Lanka Army and seize arms.

In any sense, the death, fight and war would never bring peace and harmony .Only way to put full stop to the bloodshed is think about people, life, and assurance to lead life without war.

Surya's next film "Ayan"

For those who keep asking, what is next film of Surya,here it is “Ayan” produced by AVM Productions after huge success of Superstar Rajinikanth’s “Sivaji The Boss” .The film is directed by cameraman K.V.Ananth who turns into director. His first direction debut “Kana Kanden” well received in box office, he also person who responsible handling camera for “Sivaji the Boss”. “Ayan” team will go to South Africa to shoot some scenes. Harris Jeyaraj scores the music for the first to AVM productions. Actress Tamana will play heroine role in this movie, and she eager to act with Surya.Meanwhile, Surya maintained his “six packs” for the film.

According to some closest resources this film could be release on 14th April for Tamil New Year.

Rajini Perai Kettale

Superstar Rajinikanth never needs introduction for himself because he not only have big fans at India but all around the world, Rajinikanth is the big icon and living legend in Tamilnadu,everybody craze on him. Recently Superstar Rajinikanth’s “Rajini Perai Kettale” book launch function held at Saveera Hotel at 30th Sunday, the biography was written by Dr.Gayathiri Srikanth.The writer and eye doctor, has already sold 20,000 copies of the book in English version titled “The Name is Rajinikanth” which has received good response from peoples and this is the Tamil version, which has more details and well-editing than the original version.

The entire audience impressed with Dr.Gayathiri Srikanth’s writing skills even she is eye doctor basically. She spends more than 1 year to gather all important turning points and life history of Superstar Rajinikanth from his closest friends, family members and cinema peoples.

“Rajini Perai Kettale” biography currently available at all leading book shops in Tamilnadu. Rajini fans all over the world definitely expect to own one of the copies.

Chakra back with Veera Puranam

I have been following Chakra Sonic since their first album “Kalai Oru Por” till recent album “Veera Puranam”. I can see their growth and contribution to local music era and hip hop scene. Chakra really make a wave, they are rapidly grow after the huge success of their first album. They back with energetic and fresh with every album they produced. Well when speak about “Veera Puranam(Courageous Epic), this album consist of 12 tracks and booklet form of cover. I’ve been waiting for a long time to grab this album since the songs are aired on local stations, but the album really took a long time to reach at CD shop. When first time pop the CD into my player, I don’t know what to say it’s really sounds ala listening to an English album. It’s because Chakra and Damien Shortysoul joined hands after the first album, their combination really works out,man.The inlay cover looks more better and classy than the previous albums. According to Chakra Sonic, Veera Puranam about the struggles and pain they oppose when enter in this music industry.Vivek Varma also said Veera Puranam will clarify how friends turns into enemy in this music field.

Buy a legal copy of “Veera Puranam “album at the nearest shop and listen to the songs.

Sony Ericsoon G900

Sony Ericsson never failed to introduce mobile phones with array of excellent features every time they announce new models. This time I'm going to review about Sony Ericsson G900 and this is going to be my first time review a phone based on my experience using it . My college mate, Kiat bought G900 for RM1,060 and that gave me privileges to held it on my palms and ran through it's features. I must say I was quite impressed with it's 5 megapixel camera with LED flash; and the shots quite amazing. Stylus attached with this phone as well, What I most impressed with G900 was, we can focus on certain part when taking photo by simply touch the screen instead of letting the phone do itself. Overall, Sony Ericson G900 was excellent phone with excellent features. Now available for RM1,060 retailed price at all authorised resellers.

Mumbai under terrorist attack again

More than 80 people were killed during terrorist attack in Mumbai setting off coordinated multiple blasts and gunfire in a dozen areas across the metropolis including the crowded CST railway station and two five star hotels Oberoi and Taj.

Mumbai has been hit repeatedly by terror attacks since March 1993, when Muslim underworld figures tied to Pakistani militants allegedly carried out a series of bombings on Mumbai’s stock exchange, trains, hotels and gas stations. Authorities say those attacks, which killed 257 people and wounded more than 1,100, were carried out to avenge the deaths of hundreds of Muslims in religious riots which had swept India. Ten years later, in 2003, 52 people were killed in Mumbai bombings blamed on Muslim militants and in July 2007 a series of seven blasts ripped through railway trains and commuter rail stations. At least 187 died in those attacks.

One Malaysian business man is believed trapped in the bomb attack but the reports clarified the person is missing...Malaysian consul really worrying about the missing citizen.

Ipod Touch with new features

Apple launched new and upgraded version of Ipod Touch with new features,built-in speakers and 3.5'' screen for impressive viewing experience.However, Apple honestly admit that the built-in speakers just for normal listening and users can't expect for crisp crystal clear sound. The screen really looking cool with vibrant colours.The new version iPod Touch would available next month in Malaysia.