The Dark side of New Year Celebration

We have been celebrating New Year just few days ago, a lot parties, events, and shows was held to delight the Year 2009.In the meantime, there also some reckless people misuse the celebration for some immoral activities and negative intends. I’m not going to point out anybody, its actual thing that happen in the late night of December 31st .Drink alcohol excessively, having sexual activities, public nuisance, break the rules, create sound pollution and disrespect the police who trying to control the environment. What make me shocked were our Indian girls also joined the group and “contribute” their part to "spice" up the situation. Who said Indian girls are not improved…???I’m not confined only the teen girls but the oldies too, uncle and aunty at age range between 30 to 42 also involved in this nuisance. Are you going to say “Just one day lah”, “Rileklah bro” or “New Year celebration means like this”, no point to celebrate New Year by shout at the road side and disturbing others, the girls especially wear skimpy dress, drink alcohols and hug with their partner is this our culture…? This people might be saying “trend, style or whatever” but everything has a limit.

Malaysian people especially our Indian people don’t lose your dignity…Think yourself and others…!!!


k3sh said...

waa...such statement..
based on what.
and what happened actuallY?

Steve said...

Indian girls here especially under 18 drink alcohol excessively and dance like a drug addict..Huuyoo Indian girls are too advanced.They even dare enough to disrespect the police and RELA.

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