Nero back with Great Deal...!!!

Nero 9 is the latest version media suite from the Nero franchise and now Blu ray burning is possible with Nero 9, that’s great enough. Actually, Blu Ray burning drive is required to burn Blu Ray discs. The retailed box included with Nero Backup 4 as a part of installer. A separate license key is attached with the box for install this application. The installation could take approximately half an hour. In fact, a full installation of Nero 9 may take up 2GB of hard disk; depend on the mode you select. Let say if you select “Custom” mode installation, it would allow you to make choice. It means you could install needed and important components rather than install the full package.

Nero 9 is the first burning tool that let you to burn your own Blu Ray videos with exactly HD capability. Sure this would be new and great experiences for those who mingle with normal home video DVDs. Nero 9 can do more than burning; there are individual tools for creating CD covers, authoring DVDs etc. It is also comes with full featured applications for media creation. These include a multi tracker called SoundTrax3, which let you create music and soundtracks in up to 7.1 audio in a multi tracker. Nero 9 currently available for RM380 in Malaysia.

If all you need is a basic burning tool for CD/DVDs, there are cheaper even freeware applications alternatives out there. Nero 9 offers a full featured home media creation powerhouse for those who work with a lot of audio and video at home. From that perspective, Nero 9 turns out to be a cost effective solution for home authors who cannot or don’t want to deal with dedicated media solutions which put them into dilemma.Whatever, I would say “Nero back with GREAT DEAL”,this time.

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