Friendbar Makes Twitter and Facebook Updates Easy in Firefox

Friendbar is an add-on for Firefox that makes the updates easier for twitter & facebook, it also show your buddy’s photos and status without any hassles. What makes the thing interesting is Friendbar continuously updates you on the status of people in your Facebook and Twitter networks. In simplest form, it will allow you to know your followers and friends tweet plus status as well. You can toggle between photos and text seamlessly. See how the thing makes life easier huh… To avoid anonymous access to your twitter & facebook there is a simple settings and tweak to avoid the circumstances. You don’t have to worry about your privacy. You will see instant Tinyurl creation for the pages you’re looking at every time posting updates. Friendbar is easy and fast in fix social data.

Friendbar is free & works in Firefox(Windows/Mac/Linux) as easy as pie….Try it on your own to see its power.

Download here

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