Secret Agent Rajini

Superstar Rajinikanth is a well known figure around the globe, he gets a lot of attention whenever moves officially or unofficially. Currently Superstar busy with Director Shankar’s talk of the town film “Endhiran”. It receives a lot of attention from his fans and cine people .One reason Shankar and Rajinikanth joined hand after the huge success of “Sivaji the Boss” and don’t forget “Endhiran” (earlier known as “Robo”) is Shankar’s dream project too. In the meantime, Ocher Studio and Warner Bros at the final stage of filming India’s first 3D animation film “Sultan the Warrior”.

Well, I want to share with you all a short comic strip titled “Ragasiya Agent Rajini” (“Secret Agent Rajini”).This comic strip currently available in Tamil only and just contain 6 pages,short yet enjoyable.For those who not good in Tamil,you have to wait for the English version maybe it's worth.

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Kavi said...

kill me now.. please.... cant take the kodumai!

Steve said...

Haha...Take it easy man

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