Chakra back with Veera Puranam

I have been following Chakra Sonic since their first album “Kalai Oru Por” till recent album “Veera Puranam”. I can see their growth and contribution to local music era and hip hop scene. Chakra really make a wave, they are rapidly grow after the huge success of their first album. They back with energetic and fresh with every album they produced. Well when speak about “Veera Puranam(Courageous Epic), this album consist of 12 tracks and booklet form of cover. I’ve been waiting for a long time to grab this album since the songs are aired on local stations, but the album really took a long time to reach at CD shop. When first time pop the CD into my player, I don’t know what to say it’s really sounds ala listening to an English album. It’s because Chakra and Damien Shortysoul joined hands after the first album, their combination really works out,man.The inlay cover looks more better and classy than the previous albums. According to Chakra Sonic, Veera Puranam about the struggles and pain they oppose when enter in this music industry.Vivek Varma also said Veera Puranam will clarify how friends turns into enemy in this music field.

Buy a legal copy of “Veera Puranam “album at the nearest shop and listen to the songs.

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